Emily Simpson Fires Back At Haters Who Body Shamed Her In An Epic Way!

Emily Simpson Fires Back At Haters Who Body Shamed Her In An Epic Way!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

The Real Housewives of Orange County star was obviously not too happy about being body-shamed! Emily Simpson clapped back at all the haters who claimed that she Photoshopped ’50 pounds’ off from in her cast pic for season 14 of the show.

Not only did Emily shut the ‘vicious jerks’ down, but the celeb also provided proof that it’s the way she actually looks!

Soon after the season 14 cast picture was released for RHOC, people did not hesitate to be cruel and attack Simpson’s looks in it, claiming that it must be all Photoshop.

The woman looked slim and gorgeous, the white dress she was wearing only highlighting her best assets - her curves!

And yet, haters still dragged her, going as far as to say that the pic made it look like she was 50 pounds lighter than she actually is in real life!

To prove that is not the case at all, Simpson took to social media to share an iPhone pic, showing the haters that she is the same size as in the cast photo.

In that snap, she rocked a fitted off the shoulder blue dress and in the caption, she wrote: ‘For you a**holes out there who felt the need to make comments on my figure ‘photoshopped to look as if 50 pounds were taken off’ in reference to the Season 14 rhoc promo pic….here is the raw, untouched photo taken with my phone by my makeup artist. Looks exactly the same to me! This dress is a size Medium.’

She went on to also say in part: ‘I’m not sure if you know this but I am a woman, I have curves and they're frikin’ hot and amazing …but I’m also a human and I have feelings too. Why so many of you feel the need to say mean, cruel and vicious things.. I truly will never understand it.’

Her fans were excited about the great clap back and showed the star a lot of support in the comment section!


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