Emily Ratajkowski Shares New Photos And Promises More Inamorata Woman Swimsuits Are Coming In 2020

Emily Ratajkowski Shares New Photos And Promises More Inamorata Woman Swimsuits Are Coming In 2020
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

If there is anything Emily Ratajkowksi knows and knows well it is fashion and bikinis. She's promising more of both for 2020 and fans of her Inamorata Woman clothing line couldn't be more excited. The 28-year-old supermodel had an incredibly successful year and drew attention and praise from the fashion world for her designs. She has branched out to jewelry, business suits, and more and each Inamorata Woman piece embraces the shape, femininity, and romantic nature that makes a woman unique. Her pieces are regarded for their sexiness, but none screams "I am woman" as do Emily's bikinis.

Emily's swimwear is sexy, risque and worn only by those who are daring and proud enough to show off their curves. A mix of thongs, g-strings, and barely-there tops, combined with more coverage one-piece bathing suits are included in the popular line. Most people agree; however, that if you want an ultra-sexy, bikini and aren't afraid to show off what the good Lord or your plastic surgeon gave you, you need Inamorata Woman.

Emily has shared two new bikini photos in which she expresses the sentiment that she's leaving 2019 in the past and moving forward into 2020. She also included a caption indicating new bikinis are coming to Inamorata Woman in 2020.

In the first photo, Emily is standing with her backside facing the camera, as she stands on what appears to be a pool that flows out to a large body of water. She didn't say where the photo was taken but the spot is gorgeous and picturesque none-the-less. Emily's hair is wet and you can see she's not just posing for pictures but had been swimming in the water as well.

You may see the photo below.

The caption that exciting things are coming in 2020 has been understood to mean new clothes and new designs. It's unknown how many more jewelry pieces Emily is planning on bringing to Inamorata Woman, but her Figure earrings have become a huge hit.

In the second photo, Emily is facing front and a ship is seen in the background. She is posing in her bikini with her hand brushed against her side. She included the following caption.

"A new year filled with new swim."

What do you think of Emily Ratjakowski's Inamorata Woman line? Are you a fan of her pieces?

Are you looking forward to a new line of swimsuits in 2020?


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