Emily Ratajkowski Wows In Cut-Out Bathing Suit While She Calls Penelope Cruz Her Muse

Emily Ratajkowski Wows In Cut-Out Bathing Suit While She Calls Penelope Cruz Her Muse
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

It may be autumn, but no one can rock a bathing suit like Emily Ratajkowski. Maybe that is why her Inamorata Woman clothing line is such a huge success. Emily frequently shares photos of herself modeling string bikinis, lingerie, skimpy tops, figure-hugging dresses and more on both her official Instagram account and on the Inamorata Woman account. Now, a video of Emily wearing the Inamorata Woman Cardiff one-piece bathing suit is going viral.

The bathing suit features cut out sections that tie into a bow across the midriff. Emily flaunted her figure in the bathing suit that revealed her flawless abs.  Known for turning heads wherever she goes, Emily looked gorgeous modeling the sexy bathing suit.

Not only did Emily where the daring suit, but her dog Colombo appeared in the viral video. Emily and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard are often seen walking Colombo in New York City and it was nice for fans to get a better look at the pup in Emily's Instagram post.

You may see the video Emily shared in the video player below.

Emily is a fashion icon, and sometimes it's hard to remember that every icon has someone he or she looks up to. Though Emily is incredibly popular and is admired by women and men worldwide, there are people who also serve as role models or inspiration for Emily.

On the official Inamorata Woman page, Emily and her team have given special attention to other celebrities who offer inspiration. Some of these celebrities include Jessica Lange, Halle Berry, Ali McGraw, Naomi Campbell, Jayne Mansfield, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Bianca Jagger and more.

The newest muse that Emily shared on the Inamorata Woman page is Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.

You may see the photo that Emily shared below.

What do you think of Emily Ratajkowski's bathing suits and other clothes from her Inamorata Woman line? Are you a fan of Emily's bikinis, one-piece bathing suits and other pieces from her collection such as her tank dresses?

Are you a fan of Penelope Cruz? Do you like how Emily Rajkowski pays homage to the beautiful women who have inspired not only her personally but various swimsuits in her collection?


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