Emily Ratajkowski Slammed For Wearing Lingerie In Convenience Store

Emily Ratajkowski Slammed For Wearing Lingerie In Convenience Store
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is being slammed for a photo that she posted to her official Instagram account where she has 24.5 million followers. The model is known for her flawless figure and has found great success and recognition in the fashion world for her clothing line Inamorata Woman. She frequently models sexy, barely-there bikinis, soft and feminine tops, curve-hugging skirts, dresses and more. In her photo, Emily is wearing lingerie in what appears to be a convenience store. She is being slammed by those who find the entire photo simply unbelievable.

Emily captioned the photo with the following.

"Somehow never posted this from our @inamoratawoman BODY drop! Do you guys want to see more lacy sets like this from us? Tell me whatcha want and we’ll make it👇"

It was clear that the photo was meant to showcase her lingerie but some simply couldn't get past the fact that she chose to photograph herself in lingerie in a convenient store.

One commenter responded with the following.

"Oh... I will just enter the local shop and... Yes I will undress and pose for a picture 'cause why not" 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

You may see the photo that is sparking a backlash against Emily Ratajkowski below.

This isn't the first time that Emily has faced backlash for photos that she has posted. In one of her Inamorata Woman photos, fans couldn't understand the way she was wearing her bikini top and some thought it was upside down. Many called the look "vulgar" and the insults were plentiful. Emily didn't respond to the haters, but many certainly sounded off and shared their opinions.

Emily has also been slammed by those who have accused her of photoshopping her photos. Emily is very thin and has a flawless figure. She doesn't have one drop of body fat on her and she often poses in very revealing, string bikinis.

Sometimes her photos are extremely scrutinized and a little while back, Emily was slammed for a photo that they said was photoshopped so much her ribs and stomach were disfigured.

For all of Emily's haters, she continues to go viral with nearly all of her photos and remains one of the most popular models on social media.

What do you think about Emily Ratajkowski posing in lingerie in a convenience store?


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