Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off New Floating Figure Print As She Models Inamorata Woman Two-Piece Bathing Suit

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off New Floating Figure Print As She Models Inamorata Woman Two-Piece Bathing Suit
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Inamorata Woman/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is at it again. Her Inamorata Woman clothing line has a new design and she's showing it off by modeling bikinis and cover-ups. Known for her sensational figure, Emily has proved to be Inamorata Woman's best model and fans love to see her wearing sexy beachwear. Emily is not just a pretty face or a woman with a gorgeous body. She is a strong feminist and highly intelligent as evidenced by her business ingenuity.  The name Inamorata means "a person's female lover" and Emily always brings elements of the feminine physique into her clothing line. She often highlight's the qualities that make women unique in her products, whether it is clothes or jewelry. The floating figure print resembles the female figure used in Renaissance art when the female form was of great significance and in-demand.

Emily wore a bikini and mesh pants in the design and asked fans what other colors they would like to see the print in.

Though the Coronavirus pandemic has caused many problems for people, Emily hasn't stopped advertising and keeping Inamorata Woman fresh on the public's mind. Some of the new items are ready for pre-order and Inamorata Woman is in high-demand.

There is no question that her clothing line is perfect for the beach, being poolside, or boating. It is sought out by those who want to look their sexiest whether vacationing abroad, visiting a resort, or lounging by the pool in their own yard.

You may see Emily Ratajkowski modeling Inamorata Woman's new floating figure line below.

Emily Ratajkowski also exhibited the female form in Inamorata Woman's figure earrings that she also models. You may see those earrings and other styles from Inamorata Woman below.

Here is a full view of Emily Ratajkowski modeling the new floating figure print.

The mesh top is also a new addition to the Inamorata line and you can see the top that goes with the pants above in the photo below.

What do you think about Emily Ratajkowski's new floating figure print? Do you like the way Inamorata Woman always celebrates the unique qualities of the female form?

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