Emily Ratajkowski Shares New Swimsuit Photos And The Internet Is Going Crazy

Emily Ratajkowski Shares New Swimsuit Photos And The Internet Is Going Crazy
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Inamorata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski shared several new bikini photos on her Inamorata Instagram page and fans are freaking out. It seems every time Emily posts photos of her flawless figure the Internet goes crazy and demands more. The married 28-year-old-entrepreneur models most of the bathing suits from her line herself and her business is booming. She's in the process of developing a beauty line, but for now, it's her bathing suit business that is her main focus. The Inamorata Instagram page is full of comments from those who want to buy Emily's bikinis, wish they looked like Emily in the bikinis, and Emily's fans who praise her for wearing the bikinis.

After uploading several photos showing new products, Emily recently updated the Inamorata page and posted several more pics. In one picture, she is wearing a burgundy bikini while out in a convenience store. She paired the bikini with sneakers and is in the junk food section holding a bag of chips. A row of bottles of soda line the floor by her feet.

Does anyone really believe Emily is pigging out on junk food?

Oh well, the photos are stunning and she looks good in the bikini.

In another photo, Emily can be seen lounging poolside wearing a skimpy, leopard print bikini. She wore her hair up in a bun and had on a pair of tortoise-shell framed sunglasses that matched the bathing suit. Her brows were perfectly arched and her lips were natural. Emily wore several layered necklaces and a bracelet.

Emily pointed out that the bikini was actually mixed and matched and not one complete set.

A woman quipped that Emily should do a tiger striped bikini next so that it would match the woman's stretch marks.

You may see the photo Emily shared below.

Emily recently posted a string bikini photo that is quickly going viral. Emily didn't show her face, but she has a rather unique and identifiable belly button. She remarked that the bathing suit was called the Chutney.

Another woman remarked with the following comment.

"I would love to see my 5’3” hot dog body all tied up in this bad boy."

Another woman asked if "normal" women wear bathing suits like the Chutney to the beach. Someone answered that they do.

You may see Emily modeling the Chutney below.

What do you think of Emily Ratajkowski's latest swimsuit photos?

Do you wear them or do you agree with those who think "normal" women don't wear string bikinis to the beach? What are your thoughts on the Inamorata line?

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