Emily Ratajkowski Responds To Accusations She Got Lip Injections Amid Pregnancy

Emily Ratajkowski Responds To Accusations She Got Lip Injections Amid Pregnancy
Credit: Source: teenvogue.com

The pregnant Emily Ratajkowski took to her platform to respond to those accusations that she got lip injections during her pregnancy! As it turns out, her plump pout is, in fact, all natural and she has never tried lip injections in her life!

The mom to be also took this opportunity to talk about the newfound 'appreciation' she feels for her own changing body.

Trolls online seem certain the supermodel enhanced her beauty artificially and with a baby in the oven at that!

But Ratajkowski was quick to respond to the accusations, defending herself against that baseless claims and also explaining why her lips may appear bigger than usual.

As fans know, Emily is currently expecting her first baby with hubby Sebastian Bear-McClard.

She posted a pic on her IG Stories and alongside it, answered questions from her followers about the process and her changing body.

While some thought she got a little work done on her lips, the star insisted she has 'never had lip injections' but that is not to say that she is 'judging folks who do.'

'You can’t even get injections when you’re pregnant! A woman’s blood volume increases 50% which is why ladies can get a little puffy in the face and lips during pregnancy,' she went on to explain.

Emily also noted that many people have been saying it feels like she's been pregnant 'forever.'


About that, she said that 'LOL yes pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks which can definitely feel like a long time, but I announced halfway into my pregnancy and it’s only been 3 months since then! Actually it’s weirdly gone by very quickly to me. It's weird to have your body change so much in a matter of months. I have a whole new appreciation for what my body can do and what is beautiful…'

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