Emily Ratajkowski Gets All Tied Up In These Photos

Emily Ratajkowski Gets All Tied Up In These Photos
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is getting all tied up in new photos and videos for her fashion brand Inamorata Woman. Emily often shares a variety of photos of herself modeling the clothing in a number of different settings. Sometimes she poses in her home, at exotic, beachfront locations, or is snapped by photographers walking around New York City wearing her own pieces. In the new photo and video, Emily isn't jet setting to a tropical location, but is simply standing against a blank wall, wearing her Las Olas bathing suit — the print on the bathing suit is all the design the photo needs.

What is most notable about the Las Olas bikini is the ties. They criss-cross at the top, about mid section and then tie at the waist. The Las Olas bikini bottom is another string design with a tie on the side. The bikini is not for the faint of heart as it is one of Emily's and Inamorata Woman's most revealing styles. That doesn't mean you have to be a size 0 to wear it. Plenty of plus-size women are showing off their curves in Inamorata Woman.

It appears the burgundy-leopard link color is one of Emily's favorites as she often wears it in many photos and videos that she shares. The color is newer to the line and features a deep burgundy shade with a gold ornate pattern set upon a black base with a white design. The ties feature the varied pattern to create a stunning and unique textured look.

You may see Emily wearing the Las Olas bikini in the burgundy-leopard link pattern below.

In the slideshow above there is a photo followed by a video. The video features Emily Ratajkowski demonstrating how to tie the Las Olas top. The video has come in handy for those who found the long ties confusing, yet wanted to model the same style as Emily. She demonstrates how to cross then tie the straps simply and efficiently.

What do you think about the Las Olas bathing suit? Are you a fan of the long ties that cross the waist and midsection?


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