Emily Ratajkowski Gets A Makeover — See The Before And After Photos Of The Bleached Blonde Model

Emily Ratajkowski Gets A Makeover — See The Before And After Photos Of The Bleached Blonde Model
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski shocked her fans when she uploaded new photos of herself featuring blonde hair. Emily is known for her raven locks but now she is a bleached blonde! This isn't a wig either as Emily made it clear that she has bleached her hair having used Kerastase hair products. Though Emily has naturally dark hair, eyebrows, and even dark brown eyes, she pulls off the bleached blonde hair effortlessly and looks stunning.

Sharing multiple slideshows of herself wearing several outfits, Emily showcased her long blond hair that fell below her shoulders in choppy, blunt layers. A side-by-side comparison photo of Emily as a brunette and a blonde is going viral and fans can't get over the difference in her appearance.

Emily is a natural beauty and didn't wear a lot of makeup in the pictures, instead, she showed off her flawless curves and fabulous figure.

You may see a before and after photo showing Emily Ratajkowski's stunning makeover below.

You may see a video of a blonde Emily Ratajkowski showing off her new hair color to her 26.6 million Instagram followers below. Emily posed for the camera and tossed her hair from side to side showing off her gorgeous new color.

Here are several photos of Emily before she bleached her hair showing off her brunette tresses.

Emily shared a second slideshow featuring her first day as a blonde and showed off her fabulous figure while wearing a black bikini. You may see those photos below.

Emily shared several more photos where she struck a sultry pose in her black bikini. Her new bleached-blonde hair was the perfect contrast to the outfit.

Emily shared another fashionable slideshow that featured black and white photos of herself and it was clear that her platinum-blonde locks made a striking difference from her previous photos.

What do you think about Emily Ratajakowski's before and after photos? Do you like her makeover? Are you a fan of her bleached blonde hair? Do you like the look on her?

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