Emily Ratajkowski Ditches Blonde Hair And Returns To Her Brunette Locks

Emily Ratajkowski Ditches Blonde Hair And Returns To Her Brunette Locks
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

They say that blondes have more fun, but when it comes to model Emily Ratajkowski , it seems the fun was short-lived. After surprising her fans by revealing she had bleached her hair blonde, Emily has returned back to her natural shade of brunette. Emily shared a photo where she and her husband Sebastian Bear McClard were resting on a sofa with their dog also resting alongside on the floor and announced that she was giving up the blonde hair. Emily stated the following in the photo's caption, "Bye blondie it’s been fun."

Emily didn't give an explanation as to why she was going darker but she had shared several videos revealing how she was giving her hair extra care and attention to keep the blonde color. Though the beautiful 29-year-old had many people praise her blonde hair, there were more comments from people who shared their opinions that she looked more beautiful as a brunette. It's unclear if she became tired of the look. didn't like it as much as her natural color, or felt outside pressure to return to her brunette color.

You may see a side-by-side comparison of Emily as a blonde and a brunette below.

In the photo that Emily shared, she and her husband appeared to be having a lazy, comfortable day at home. The two have spent the Coronavirus pandemic self-isolating together and it seems that they have become closer than they were before. They've also repeatedly traveled back and forth from New York and California when the virus became increasingly dangerous.

You may see the photo where Emily announced she was going back to brunette below.

Here are some of Emily's latest photos where she shows off her brown locks.

What do you think about Emily Ratajkowski's hair? Do you like her hair better blonde or as a brunette? Emily has recently announced the launch of new swimwear for her Inamorata Woman clothing line.

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