Emilia Clarke Says She Was Told She 'Needed' Fillers In Her Face - Here's How She Reacted!

Emilia Clarke Says She Was Told She 'Needed' Fillers In Her Face - Here's How She Reacted!
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Emilia Clarke remembered her flawless response after being told she required fillers in her face, during an interview not too long ago. The actress did not appreciate the suggestion and she was quick to clap back!

While chatting with Elle magazine, the Game of Thrones star recalled what she dubbed as 'the worst skincare advice' she'd ever received in her life!

'I once had a facialist who said I needed filler. I just showed her the door. I was literally just like, ‘get out.''

The star, who is now 34, was apparently only 28 at the time and did not find the advice appropriate.

At some point during the interview, Emilia also talked about aging in the movie industry and how younger actors are generally favored.

'You've got this idea of aging, and then you've got the idea of what aging makes you look like. At 34, I am wiser, more intelligent, I have had more experiences, I have done all of this stuff and I am proud of that. You can only do that because you're the age you are. Time's the only thing allowing you to do those things. So, if my face's gonna reflect the time that I have spent on this earth, I am down for that.'

The actress then mentioned her own mother as an example of someone who, despite never receiving any cosmetic surgery, looks 'incredibly beautiful.'

'I look to women and actors who are older than me who are f**king beautiful and think what your skin does as you age is elegant. I can imagine them saying ‘Ssh, you do not get to talk about this yet,' but I have lines on my forehead.''

But if she ever were to think about getting fillers, she'd also have to think about her career since she mentioned that fillers cannot be lit as they appear 'shiny and strange' on camera.

Furthermore, 'I work in an industry where I have to move my face, and I have to be expressive. If my job's telling me I need to have anything more than possibly a bit of Botox when I am 45 or whatever, then I will stop doing the job.'

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