Embarrassing Moment For Radiohead On The Coachella Main Stage

Embarrassing Moment For Radiohead On The Coachella Main Stage
Source: NME

Radiohead ran into some bad luck at the Coachella festival on Friday night, when the speaker system failed miserably, and the band ended up in an awkward situation on stage.

The group was expected to make quite an impression on the festival’s main stage, but the machines had other plans. The problems began when the sound suddenly dropped everywhere, except the stage, during “Full Stop,” from the British group’s recent “A Moon Shaped Pool” album.

Unaware of the malfunction, Radiohead continued to play. Luckily, the sound returned in time for the fans to hear them sing the beginning of “15 Step,” but then dropped out again, this time for most of the song.

With frontman Thom Yorke visibly irritated, Radiohead left the stage and returned after a while, with Yorke blaming “aliens” for the difficulties. But guess what? The speakers quickly failed again during “Let Down” and the band was forced to take another break.

Upon his second return, the 48-years old interacted with the audience, asking if the fans can hear him. He then added that he’d love to tell a joke and lighten the mood, but that isn’t Radiohead’s style.

For now, Coachella officials failed to deliver a response regarding the incidents.

Radiohead is still a band that does music the old-fashion way, with guitars and other hand-played instruments, but this time it turned against them.

After a day filled with dance and hip-hop acts, genres relying mostly on programmed elements, the band’s style failed to properly entertain the fans. Of course, it wasn’t their fault that the sound system crashed, but we must keep in mind that time forgets no one.

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