Elvis And Priscilla's Daughter Lisa Marie Presley Makes Rare Appearance With Her Children Including Riley Keough

Elvis And Priscilla's Daughter Lisa Marie Presley Makes Rare Appearance With Her Children Including Riley Keough
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It was a family affair as Lisa Marie Presley made a surprising red carpet appearance with her three beautiful daughters.

The ladies were present at a recent Elle Women event in Hollywood, California.

Elvis Presley' only child looked gorgeous in a long black off-the-shoulder dress with matching shoes.

Lisa Marie's lookalike 9-year-old twins -- Finley and Harper Lockwood -- were adorable in cocktail-length dresses -- one in pink and the other in black and white.

As for talented actress Riley Keough she was dazzling in an elegant floral skirt and khaki blouse.

The foursome stayed close to one another and held hands as they posed for pictures.

Some fans were happy to see the 49-year-old singer making public appearances after the difficult year she has been through with her estranged husband, Michael Lockwood.

While others were wondering, why is Lisa Marie's son, Benjamin Keough, always absent from those family gatherings?

One fan of Elvis said: "Them genes are strong. Elvis would be so proud. It seems that Hollywood is not the best place to raise a family. Too many divorces, children from different parents, just a big mess. I guess you need to choose to be famous or being a good example for a stable family. Very fortunate that not even with good financial background some people still don’t succeed in life!"

Another shared: "Got her dad's face.goes to show ya, money isn't everything; she needs love. Bless her heart. I m sure her life has not been easy.I wish her Dad could have been here to help her.It's So ..horrible to lose your dad so young. I hope she finds lovely happiness. Gotta say her daughter say pretty though."

A third commenter revealed: "Your all beautiful, I love your dad so much I grew up with his music and my granddaughter how is 29 years old loves him and his music too because of me her grandma.Beautiful family Riley you’re moms twin and your baby girl on the right looks like your great gramma wow strong family genes."

Until recently, Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley, was the one caring for Harper and Finley.

Lisa Marie and Lockwood are in the middle of a nasty custody and divorce battle.

Lisa Marie, who got out of rehab a few weeks ago, told authorities she found disturbing pictures and videos on Lockwood's computers.

Lockwood has denied the claims but is being investigated by the police in Tennessee.

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