Elton John Spoke With Lana Del Ray After Her Critically Panned 2012 SNL Performance

Elton John Spoke With Lana Del Ray After Her Critically Panned 2012 SNL Performance
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According to a report from Page Six, Elton John spoke with Lana Del Ray following her ostensibly disastrous performance on Saturday Night Live back in 2012. The 72-year-old performer, in a Rolling Stone magazine conversation, said to the 34-year-old singer that he called her up and told her not to worry about any of the people hating on her.

John went on to say that Lana Del Ray went through a lot. "Most people," Elton began, "that would have flattened them forever." According to John, the way she was treated by the press and others was more like an "assault."

As it was previously reported all the way back in 2012, Rey performed two songs on the set of SNL, "Blue Jeans," as well as " Video Games ," however, the critics weren't fond of the performance. In fact, Brian Williams referred to it as "one of the worst outings in United States history."

John added that he watched Lana's performance and it really wasn't as bad as people were saying. Echoing the recent #MeToo movement, John asked why there wasn't a movement at that time. While most would assume she was super nervous before the performance, Rey claimed she felt relaxed and comfortable.

It didn't go the way Lana hoped, but she managed to get through it and all is well. Another star who was famously criticized by the press was Ashlee Simpson, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, who was caught lip-syncing during her 2004 performance.

John, in reference to the Simpson mishap, stated Del Ray's performance was completely unlike Simpson's. "I saw Ashlee Simpson and, yeah, that's a major f*ck up." The piano player joked it wasn't funny for Ashlee, but it sure was for him to watch.

Rey responded with, "I'm not laughing!" Reportedly, Lana Del Ray, in 2012, had just released her song, Video Games News which was a massive success and there was much buzz about her in the media and on social media.

One star, in particular, Juliette Lewis, the actress and musician, claimed to watch Lana perform was like watching a "12-year-old pretend to sing."

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