Elton John Says ‘The System Is Rigged Against Black People’ During A New Interview - Talks Making A Change!

Elton John Says ‘The System Is Rigged Against Black People’ During A New Interview - Talks Making A Change!
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Elton John and husband, David Furnish, opened up about the current Black Lives Matter protests and what it will take for real, long-lasting positive change to take place when it comes to racial inequality in America. Here’s what the star had to say!

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing by a police officer in broad daylight, many were shocked and outraged and even a lot of people who had not realized things were so bad, finally learned how bad systemic racism really is.

But Sir Elton John was definitely well aware that ‘the system is rigged against black people.’

During the interview with Katie Couric, as part of TIME 100 Talks, he and his husband approached a number to topics including police brutality but also the pandemic and more!

The couple, who also founded the Elton John Aids Foundation, was asked how they are contributing to achieving change.

When asked what he thinks of the ‘transformational times we’re living in,’ the singer responded that ‘It amplifies that the world has to change. It has to change the way it is about the planet and it has to change the way people think about Black lives. We have lived through Black people getting killed before, but this, I think is a real turning point and it has to happen. We have to make sure it happens.’

He went on to stress that ‘The system is rigged against Black people from the word ‘go.’ From the educational point of view, we are now noticing within our own organization, which is concentrated on AIDS and helping people with AIDS, to amplify that situation as well. I hope out of this comes some real change.’

Sure enough, during the same interview, Elton and David also discussed how AIDS as well as COVID-19 are also disproportionally affecting the black community.

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