Elton John Reportedly Knew About Meghan And Harry's UK Exit Before The Queen

Elton John Reportedly Knew About Meghan And Harry's UK Exit Before The Queen
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shocked the world when they suddenly announced they wanted out of their senior positions in the United Kingdom's royal family . Rumors had persisted for months about Meghan and the Prince's failure to fit in, in addition to a reported feud between Harry and William.

Even with the reports of trouble in paradise, it still shocked many followers of the royal family to know they were finally stepping down. Apparently, it came as quite a shock to the Queen, as well.

Multiple reports have indicated that even Sir Elton John knew about them backing out of the royal family before Queen Elizabeth II. An insider who spoke with The Mirror stated that Markle and Harry had been chatting with John nearly "every day" before they finally made their announcement.

Elton John happened to be a very close friend of Princess Diana, making the friendship between him and Harry only natural. According to the new report, Markle and Harry had also been speaking with Oprah Winfrey beforehand. The source who spoke with The Mirror added that, to Harry, John was almost like a "motherly figure."

Some media reports and social media users have speculated whether Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, or others played a role in their decision to back out of the family. However, the source stated that Meghan and Harry made their decision on their own. John was just someone to talk to.

His sympathetic and empathetic ear really helped them voice their concerns. A spokesperson for the singer-songwriter claimed John really felt it was important not to try and sway their decision. The representative said to The Mirror that John respects their decision to take control of their lives.

As it was previously reported, Prince Harry and Meghan dropped the bombshell news this past week. Although, Mail Online reported that not everybody in the United Kingdom is happy about their decision to bail from the family.

In a poll they acquired, Mail Online claimed that the majority of British citizens wanted Harry and Meghan to pay back the $3.1 million they spent on Frogmore Cottage. Additionally, the majority polled thought they treated Queen Elizabeth II poorly.


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