Elton John Had A Wonky Piano And He Wasn't Happy About It (Video)

Elton John Had A Wonky Piano And He Wasn't Happy About It (Video)
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People love Elton John and if they go to one of his concerts, they expect to hear him rock out on the piano with his classic ballads and easy flowing melodious rhythms. What they don't want to hear is the triple threat star, who has received multiple Oscars, Grammys, and Tony awards, banging away on wonky pianos. Unfortunately, that's what happened to the good folks attending Elton's concert at the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana, on Saturday, November 11, 2017. Though the fans seemed unfazed by the affliction, Elton was furious. He stopped the concert midway and yelled out a few expletives.

Sir Elton was not having the debacle and called for the sound technicians to fix his piano ASAP.

"Hang on, hang on, something's gone wrong here. Come on you [email protected]#$#@#s! That's no good."

Clearly, Elton knew there was a problem and wanted it corrected. Most fans would readily agree that if they pay money for a concert ticket, they expect the instruments to be in proper working order.

Elton had their backs. He would not let down the fans by pounding away on an off-key, piano that had gone awry. However; it became apparent the crew was not up to speed and not attending the problem quickly enough for Elton.

Elton couldn't bear the defective instrument a moment longer.

He stopped the concert and announced to the fans, "Sorry about this, but I can't play it when it's not sounding right. I don't want you to have anything but 100 percent perfection here."

The fans were supportive. Clearly, they wanted perfection as well. The audience cheered as Elton set about to solve the crisis.

He played another note but quickly announced it wasn't good.

"No, that's not good either. Just use the normal piano sounds for C#$%$ sake."

The admonition sent a sound technician running across the stage for what may have been his last time accompanying Elton John during a concert.

The fans continued cheering, letting Elton know they would wait out the snafu while he ensured the piano was worthy to be played.

Though the audience appeared patient, Elton was not. He snapped at what we can only imagine was a panic-stricken and anxious sound technician.

"Come on, fix this for [email protected]#$ sake!"

The technician was later seen crawling under the piano making adjustments that seemed to appease Elton.

"Thank you. Well done crew!"

Elton announced as apparently the problem had been resolved. Elton even apologized for his outburst and explained he was just frustrated because he wanted the music to be perfect for the concert goers.

You may watch several videos as the drama unfolded in the players below.

What do you think? Was Elton overreacting or do you agree that if you go to a concert, you expect the instruments to work properly.

We just want to know if someone missed sound check that afternoon.

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