Elton John Drops Truth Bomb About The Way Tina Turner Treated Him In New Memoir

Elton John Drops Truth Bomb About The Way Tina Turner Treated Him In New Memoir
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Elton John has dropped a truth bomb about the way Tina Turner treated him in his new memoir, Me.

The Rocketman recalls a time the two were set to work together, but Turner chose to treat him like s$%t. In a new excerpt from his upcoming tell-all, obtained by Daily Mail, John is not holding back regarding the way he feels about the iconic singer.

Turner and John were set to go on tour together in 1997. However, during rehearsals, things went south when the two icons clashed. The 72-year-old reveals the two butted heads immediately during the planning stages.

The 'Candle In The Wind' singer explains Turner chose to attack his taste, his appearance and disrespected John in every manner. He decided not to tolerate her diva behavior.

"I've thrown plenty of tantrums in my time, but there are limits: There's an unspoken rule that musicians don't treat their fellow musicians like s&^t. She didn't like my hair, she didn't like the color of my piano, and she didn't like my clothes," he declared.

Turner reportedly also chose to tell him, "You wear too much Versace, and it makes you look fat, you have to wear Armani."

Although the exchange was upsetting for John, the final straw came when Turner declared he and his band were not playing 'Proud Mary’ right.

"The subsequent debate about whether I knew how to play "Proud Mary" became quite heated before I brought it to a conclusion by telling Tina Turner to stick her f$%#ing song up her arse and stormed off," John wrote.

Later, John went to Turner's dressing room to hash out the issue. He revealed she thought he was improvising her legendary song too much, by adding little fills and runs on the piano.

"That's how I've always performed, it's part of what I love about playing live. But Tina didn't think that way. Everything had to be exactly the same every time; it was all rehearsed down to the slightest movement," he revealed.

The moment in Turner's dressing room made it clear the tour could not move forward. They chose to part ways.

Elton John and Tina Turner made up following the way she treated him as they prepared for the tour. He wrote in his book that she came to dinner one night, where they talked things out, and she left a big lipstick kiss mark in his guest book.

Me will be released on Tuesday, October 15th.

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