Elton John Bought Several Of Gwyneth Paltrow's Genitalia-Scented Candles - He's A Huge Fan

Elton John Bought Several Of Gwyneth Paltrow's Genitalia-Scented Candles - He's A Huge Fan
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Fans of Gwyneth Paltrow know that she recently released a weirdly named candle called, "This Candle Smells Like My Vagina." While many media publications claimed it was supposed to smell like an actual vagina, that simply wasn't the case. It was just a joke between Paltrow and the designer of the scent.

And that's something that Elton John was able to recognize as well, a new report from Page Six revealed. In fact, the notorious piano-playing Englishman apparently bought several of her candles, because he's a big fan.

Douglas Little, the Heretic perfumer, reportedly claimed that the 72-year-old performer has bought several of them. During a conversation with The Cut, Douglas explained that they have since been hounded by people online to get their hands on the candle, with some of them going for an exorbitant price on eBay.

Little explained that there was nothing wrong with naming it after a vagina, which in our cultures, he explained, carries a negative or dirty connotation, even though it shouldn't. Regarding Martha's recent comments about all of the thirsty men out there who bought the candle, Little claimed this was simply incorrect.

In fact, around 92% of their customers are women. As it was previously reported earlier this month, Paltrow dropped the candle with the hilarious title, and media publications began circulating the story. Whether or not the title is weird, fans have bought the candle repeatedly, and it's now out of stock.

On her Goop website, the candle was on sale for $75USD per product. The product description dives into why she and Douglas Little chose to give it such a compelling name.

The description claimed that she and Little sat down one evening during the beginning stages of the aroma's development, and she blurted out, "this smells like a vagina." Regardless of media reports, Gywneth knows how to market a product.

As fans of the actress know, Paltrow has since created a very successful career as a Hollywood actress, but also as an entrepreneur. However, she has come under fire by some critics who have accused her of marketing and selling products of questionable value, and certainly not FDA-approved.

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