Elon Musk's Ex-Wife Talulah Riley Denies She Was Selected To Be Elon's 'Child Bride' By Ghislaine Maxwell

Elon Musk's Ex-Wife Talulah Riley Denies She Was Selected To Be Elon's 'Child Bride' By Ghislaine Maxwell
Credit: Source: HeyUGuys.com

Talulah Riley, Elon Musk's ex-wife, recently came out to deny the "truly awful" rumors regarding her old relationship with the CEO of Tesla. Reportedly, fans online accused Elon of cooperating with Ghislaine Maxwell to secure young Riley as a "child bride."

The 34-year-old said in a statement that she didn't know Ghislaine, although, it's possible they met at one point. This comes not long after a picture circulated online appearing to show Ghislaine and Elon Musk together.

As most know, Ghislaine Maxwell is reported to have been a major player in Jeffrey Epstein's purported sex trafficking scheme. According to Riley, she and Elon Musk met when she was just 22-years-old. Musk was on a business trip to London, England, and they just happened to run into each other.

She claimed it was a "chance meeting," and it wasn't "engineered by anyone." Riley later admitted to once going to a party held at Epstein's mansion in Manhattan, but she says the ties with him stop there.

Riley went on to hope for justice for many of Epstein's victims. As it was previously reported, Riley confirmed that she had gone to a 2014 Vanity Fair party where Maxwell was photographed standing next to the CEO of Tesla.

Riley added that it was very possible that she and Maxwell met, but not in a substantial way. Furthermore, Riley explained how she and her ex-husband had met thousands of people over the years, and she often doesn't even remember them.

In case you haven't followed the news, the authorities apprehended Maxwell this Thursday on charges that she had been grooming underage girls for Epstein's human trafficking ring. The arrest reportedly involved spy planes and armed men who hunted for the former socialite.

They found her in the New Hampshire Woods. Earlier this week, it was reported that many of Epstein's former associates believe Maxwell isn't the type of person who isn't willing to go to prison.

The sources claimed that Ghislaine would remain loyal to Prince Andrew, who helped her out during her most troubling times, but she would likely give up other names if pressed.

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard University law professor, urged for the public to give Ghislaine her a fair trial in court. 


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