Ellie Goulding Is Breaking The Internet For Her Gender Swap Handsome Man Photo

Ellie Goulding Is Breaking The Internet For Her Gender Swap Handsome Man Photo
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Face App is one of the most popular photo apps and it is easy to see why. One of the functions of the app is a gender swap where people can take a photo and see what they would look like as the opposite gender. A fan used a photo of award-winning singer Ellie Goulding and the photo result of Ellie as a man is going viral. Ellie even retweeted the photo and seemed shocked to see herself as a man. The original poster of the tweet remarked that she thought Elie looked hot and others quickly agreed. Now, Ellie is going viral for looking like a hot man thanks to the app!

The original poster shared the following remarks when she shared the gender-swapped photos on Twitter.

"She looks like a [sic] NBA player or something looool fucking hot!!!"

Many people agreed that Ellie looked handsome as a man and the side-by-side photos comparing Ellie as a woman and a man have been shared multiple times and some are now wishing that the male version existed in real life.

You may see the photos as they went viral on Twitter below.

Some of those who commented on the photos said that they thought Ellie Goulding as a man looked like Lionel Messi. Others said they found both male and female Ellie attractive and were willing to date either one of them. Face app and gender-swapping celebrity photos have become a very popular pastime and if it isn't celebrities putting their own pictures into the app, their fans are doing it for them.

Ellie's fans were thrilled when she retweeted the photo and added an emoji that showed her face as flushed! Some fans immediately asked her to follow their Twitter accounts.

What do you think? Have you tried Face App with your own photos? Do you agree with those on Twitter who think Ellie Goulding looks hot as a man?

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