Ellen Pompeo Addresses Co-Star Justin Chambers' Exit From Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo Addresses Co-Star Justin Chambers' Exit From Grey's Anatomy
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Ever since Justin Chambers announced he was leaving the ABC medical series, Grey's Anatomy , fans have wondered what the program's star, Ellen Pompeo, thought about it. Page Six picked up on a tweet from Vanity Fair - that Ellen re-tweeted - that claimed the series wouldn't be the same without Alex Karev.

On Saturday morning, Ellen stated she would miss her 15-year-partner and added it was a great joy to work with him for so many years. The 50-year-old actress stated, "truer words have never been spoken @VanityFair."

As fans of Grey's Anatomy know, Pompeo and Chambers are two of four original cast members, including James Pickins Junior and Chandra Wilson. This past Friday, Chambers announced he was leaving the series that he played a role in for the last fifteen years. The actor revealed the news in a statement to Deadline.

As for the reason, Justin said he was hoping to change his acting roles and head down a different creative path.

Fans of Grey's Anatomy , over the last fifteen years, have grown accustomed to seeing Mr. Chambers on the screen, so there's no question that many of their viewers will be upset to see him go. Moreover, Alex is one of the most popular characters on the show.

Justin said in his statement that there was never a good time to say farewell to a show of fifteen years, but he had to do it. Justin also shouted out to some of his former cast members as well, including James Pickens, Chandra Willison, and the aforementioned Ellen Pompeo.

According to Justin's Wikipedia page, he first studied acting at HB Studio in the Big Apple and later started modeling for Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, and Calvin Klein. His career in the fashion industry first began in earnest when he was approached by a talent scout in Paris, France.

While he has become most famous for Grey's Anatomy , he also had a role in Another World, and also a supporting role in the film, Liberty Heights - a comedy-drama from 1999. He was cast as Dr. Alex Karev back in 2005.

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