Ellen DeGeneres Says She Hopes Everyone Watches Oprah's 'After Neverland' Following Michael Jackson Documentary

Ellen DeGeneres Says She Hopes Everyone Watches Oprah's 'After Neverland' Following Michael Jackson Documentary
Credit: Source: Leaving Neverland/HBO

The Internet is still reeling from Wade Robson's and Jimmy Safechuck's accounts of child sexual abuse, grooming, and manipulation by Michael Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres is one who is watching and commenting online. Ellen tweeted that she watched Leaving Neverland and then followed by watching the HBO Oprah Winfrey special After Neverland. Ellen included the hashtags #LeavingNeverland and #AfterNeverland though didn't specifically say whether she believed the allegations Robson and Safechuck made.

Oprah Winfrey has received plenty of backlash and even hate-filled messages from Michael Jackson's fans, but Oprah pointed out that the story of Leaving Neverland is bigger than Michael Jackson.

From the opening of After Neverland, Oprah Winfrey stated the following.

"For me, this moment transcends Michael Jackson. This is a moment in time that allows us to see this societal corruption. It's like a scourge on humanity."

Oprah's HBO special was taped live with a room full of 100 survivors of childhood sexual abuse and included Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement. Both men told Oprah that they came to understand the full impact of Michael Jackson's alleged sexual abuse against them once they had children (sons) of their own.

Wade Robson specifically expressed in Leaving Neverland that he continually lied about being abused due to the manipulation tactics Jackson allegedly used and he didn't realize his relationship with Michael Jackson was abuse.

Once he thought of Michael Jackson doing to his child what had happened to him, he began to realize with the dawn of understanding that he was abused.

Following the birth of his child, he went to therapy where Robson says he told the truth to someone else for the first time.

Ellen's tweet went viral and there's no question that with both Oprah and Ellen joining forces on social media to promote both Leaving Neverland and After Neverland that people are tuning in.

It appears this story is going to continue for some length of time as reports show that the film is being sold to distribution companies worldwide, the Michael Jackson estate has filed a lawsuit against HBO, and Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck have created a platform where more potential victims could come forward.

Have you watched Leaving Neverland or After Neverland ? What are your thoughts about the allegations against Michael Jackson being a pedophile?


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