Ellen DeGeneres Says Making An Employee Cry 'Felt Good' In Tweet From 2009

Ellen DeGeneres Says Making An Employee Cry 'Felt Good' In Tweet From 2009
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A new report from Page Six revealed a 2009 tweet from Ellen DeGeneres in which she joked about enjoying an employee's tears. The outlet shows the tweet which reads that Ellen made one of her staff members "cry like a baby."

She finished it off with, "honestly, it felt good." Clearly, this tweet doesn't coincide with her "be kind" mantra she has reiterated over the years. As most know, Ellen is currently under fire in a big way over "toxicity" allegations on the set of her eponymous television series.

Recently, the host came out to apologize yet again for allegedly fostering an environment in which employees and subordinates felt abused and harassed. This past Monday, Page Six says, Ellen said to her employees on a Zoom call that she had no idea where the "no-eye-contact" rule came from.

Furthermore, Ellen also revealed the firing of three of her top executive producers, including Jonathan Norman, Kevin Leman, and Ed Glavin. As it was noted above, DeGeneres has been taking serious heat in the headlines over the last few weeks.

However, she has found support in the entertainment industry, including from people like Kevin Hart , Katy Perry, and more. It was noted earlier this week that Kevin Hart, the Jumanji star, and Ellen met up for lunch together.

It's not clear what they talked about, but Kevin has repeatedly defended her in the mainstream press. Hart came out to say amid the beginning of her controversy that Ellen was one of the "dopest people on the planet."

Furthermore, Katy Perry said she had nothing but great experiences working with Ellen whenever she came on the show. Not everyone was pleased with Perry's comments, however.

Social media users claimed it was unfair for her, a celebrity guest, to compare her experiences to those of employees and subordinates who don't have the same social status and recognition.

Ellen has been accused of a number of transgressions, including an unofficial rule where no one could make eye contact with her, as well as having a bowl outside of her office containing breath mints , which everyone had to chew before going in to speak with her.

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