Ellen DeGeneres Makes Unusual Comments About Naomi Osaka's Relationship Status

Ellen DeGeneres Makes Unusual Comments About Naomi Osaka's Relationship Status
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Not long ago, Ellen DeGeneres congratulated Naomi Osaka on her birthday with a photo of Michael B. Jordan topless, who is known for being the tennis rising star's crush in the celebrity world.

It did not take long for Jordan himself to tune in, posting a different shirtless photo of himself, and inviting Osaka to the premiere of his movie Creed 2 .

Osaka responded that she was interested in going, but that fell through.

And recently, Ellen has decided to revisit that situation, commenting on how Osaka should have taken the opportunity while it was still in front of her. She then added that Osaka was "never gonna get a man."

The comments drew surprised responses from Ellen's audience, as many were quick to point out that Osaka is currently in a relationship with rapper YBN Cordae.

Ellen did not respond to these comments after people started pointing out her mistake, so it is possible that she was not prepared with enough information before taking part in the interview.

Some have also implied that Ellen was fully aware of what she was doing but just chose to play ignorant to stir up a little controversy/trouble on the Internet.

In any case, it does not look like Osaka is all too troubled by the situation, as she has been moving forward with her life, from what fans could tell.

The young tennis champ has actually been quite deeply involved with her boyfriend, according to recent reports, which is why she might be reluctant to respond to the statements made by Ellen as well.

One fan said this: "Ellen loves you, Naomi, you are the very first tennis player to.be.on her show, for her just starting season comeback show. Not Serena, not Bianca not coco not.nadal. But you at it shows.how.much love she loves you, Naomi."

Another commenter claimed: "This interview made me way too happy. They have No idea who you are !!! You are the product of two proud and dignified cultures. Why didn't you go to the premiere tho 😂😂😭🙌 @naomiosaka
Your boyfriend better put a ring on it; I would🔥🔥🔥Simply adorable champion and cool all at the same time.
You handled it with Absolute class. 👌👏👏"

Osaka was expected to dominate the big tournaments this year, but it has not been the case.

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