Ellen DeGeneres Hair Color Horror Story Is So Relatable In Must See Video

Ellen DeGeneres Hair Color Horror Story Is So Relatable In Must See Video
Credit: YouTube

Ellen DeGeneres shared her hair color horror story with fans on today's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show and it is oh so relatable.

The daytime talk show host debuted a new look on Tuesday, which led to an explanation of why she had to change up her hair. Even though her hair is still short and blonde, it is much shorter and blonder than it was last week.

There was no question the funny woman was switching things up. However, as it turns out, she had not initially wanted to change her classic look.

"I had my hair done over the weekend and by 'the weekend,' I mean the entire weekend," stated DeGeneres at the beginning of her monologue.

She went on to share what should have been a straightforward process turned into a nightmare. The 61-year-old explained she has to have her hair done frequently to keep her locks looking bright and light. She usually either has highlights done or will have the roots done blonder to achieve her signature look.

Well this time around, the comedian did two things differently. First, she tried a new person. Everyone knows testing out a new hair person can end in disaster. Second, DeGeneres opted to become one single shade of blonde to save time at the salon.

The new hair person took over two hours to create what the talk show host referred to as not a good color. Therefore, the colorist decided to try and fix the issues by washing and coloring it again. DeGeneres's was assured by the hair stylist every time her hair was washed the color would rinse out.

At one point the comedian declares her head looked like she had the "pride flag" on her head. However, that was only the beginning of her problems. The bleach and tone process began severely damaging her hair.

"So, my hair was falling out like, literally, I would touch my hair and hair was falling out. I think my hair was so embarrassed, it didn't want anything to do with my head and said, 'I'm getting out of here,'" the talk show host declared before showing her audience the video.

Ellen DeGeneres had a hair horror story that is oh so relatable. Even her guest hunky Zac Efron, who is sporting blonde locks right now, said he too had a similar hair experience.


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