Ellen DeGeneres Excited To Be Jennifer Lopez's Maid Of Honor!

Ellen DeGeneres Excited To Be Jennifer Lopez's Maid Of Honor!
Credit: Source: youtube.com

Jennifer Lopez is now engaged to her man, Alex Rodriguez, and she is already getting volunteers to be her maid of honor! Well, one volunteer – Ellen DeGeneres!

As fans know, the multitalented star announced the happy news on Saturday!

She took to social media to share a photo that showed off the massive engagement rock she received from her significant other, Alex Rodriguez.

The retired baseball player can be seen holding her hand in the snap probably because the diamond ring is way too heavy!

Furthermore, J.Lo. proceeded to tag none other than Ellen DeGeneres in the post!

Soon after, the talk show host commented: ‘Yes. I’ll be your Maid of Honor.’

Ellen must be super happy for Jennifer since she never forgot to ask about the star’s plans for the future with the sportsman when she’d stop by her show.

Each time, Lopez made sure to play coy about the whole thing and not reveal anything!

Back in November, Ellen told her guest that she had learned from A-Rod he would be proposing.

‘He did not say that. He did not say that,’ J.Lo. protested, amused.

But Ellen insisted: ‘He did. He texted me earlier today. So you'll be getting married?’

The celeb just said she did not know as the host continued: ‘I mean it would be good to do for Christmas.’

Of course, Christmas went by without a proposal, but it turns out that Alex either needed some more time to pick that stunning ring, or he simply preferred them to have a spring engagement instead!

Ellen gifted Jennifer a clock featuring a pic of her and A-Rod locking lips and explained: ‘Because you and A-Rod just celebrated your two-year anniversary… This is a clock, and it’s basically to remind him that time is ticking, and he should hurry up and propose … Or you should propose.’


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