Elle King Skips Out On Her Wedding! Inside Her Sudden Split From Fiance!

Elle King Skips Out On Her Wedding! Inside Her Sudden Split From Fiance!
Source: Elle King

Elle King was supposed to marry her fiancé Andrew "Fergie" Ferguson yesterday but instead of going to New York where the wedding was supposed to take place she surprised everyone when she headed to Seattle instead. That same night she took to Instagram to reveal some shocking news about her wedding!

"Skipped out on my wedding," she captioned the video of her having fun onstage with Eagles of Death Metal.

"I married Rock&Roll instead...so I hopped on tour with EAGLES OF F--KING DEATH METAL."

Ferguson is yet to comment on their sudden split.

The man, who is Scottish met Elle at the lobby of a hotel in London and after they started their relationship he moved to the United States just to be with her.

They even tattooed each other’s names so the split is even more of a shocker!

Her wedding gown was a $4,900 Stephen Yearick A-line dress, and her search for the perfect dress was shown on an episode Say Yes to the Dress that aired back in March.

Although it may look like a sudden decision to give up the wedding, King did give out some hints in recent weeks about the fact that she and Ferguson had broken up.

On March 28 she posted on Instagram a selfie with the caption: "Gotta say...no matter how heartbreaking one day may be, it's hard to not smile in this California sunshine."

"All my single ladies," she captioned another picture that showed her with her friends.

Last week, Elle also posted a video of her and her dog and the caption told us a lot about her state of mind and the status of her relationship.

"She's my best friend and the only true loyalty I've ever known," King wrote.

What do you think happened between Ferguson and King to make them split just before their wedding?

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  • Rossi
    Rossi Sep 25, 2018 6:02 AM PDT

    No. I was there. I know the whole truth. It's rather complicated, mate. First, Do you have a security clearance from NATO? Keep wondering. It's healthy.

  • Seeitya
    Seeitya Apr 16, 2017 1:15 PM PDT

    I bet he made some kind of disparaging remarks to her. Well good for her, she showed him. Boy bye!! Sorry not sorry! !

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