Elle Fanning Passes Out While At A Cannes Film Festival Bash

Elle Fanning Passes Out While At A Cannes Film Festival Bash
Credit: Source: elle.com

The young actress was not feeling so well while in attendance at a Cannes Film Festival Party. Elle Fanning, who is also a Cannes jury member, was at the Chopard Trophée Dinner celebration earlier tonight, when she suddenly passed out!

E! News reports via an eyewitness that Elle had a fainting spell.

Fortunately, however, the source assures the news outlet that the star managed to quickly recover before she left the party.

It did not take long for news about the incident to start floating around social media.

However, the same insider says it all happened so fast that other A-listers there barely noticed.

‘Most people in the room didn't even notice until after there was a brief pause, during which word quickly spread through the venue about what happened.’

Later, Elle took to her own Instagram platform to confirm that she did indeed faint.

However, she assured her fans that there is nothing to worry about.

‘Oops, had a fainting spell tonight in my 1950's Prada prom dress but it's all good!! #dresstootight #timeofthemonth,’ the 21 year old wrote.

The hashtags explained everything! It turns out that the combination of her red carpet fashion being difficult to wear and the fact that she was on her period, caused her to faint.

This only goes to prove that beauty IS pain!

Fellow celebs were quick to relate. January Jones commented: ‘Where's your smelling salts when you need em??’

Meanwhile, Variety also reported that she got some help from none other than Colin Firth, who noticed that she was falling off her chair and was quick to take action.

Elle was then taken away by her sister Dakota and their security guards.


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