Ella Balinska Of Upcoming Charlie's Angels Movie Stuns In New Photos

Ella Balinska Of Upcoming Charlie's Angels Movie Stuns In New Photos
Credit: Source: Ella Balinska/Instagram

Ella Balinska is ready to take the world by storm and you can see it in her recent Instagram photos. The British actress will soon appear in the Elizabeth Banks remake of the classic Charlie's Angels and will shine on the silver screen alongside Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott. Though Ella has a solid work history behind her, there's no doubt her star factor is going to skyrocket following the movie. Ella currently stars in the British series The Athena  but after Charlie's Angels premieres on November 15, 2019, she will become a household name in the United States, and that means big changes are ahead for the 22-year-old beauty.

Sharing photos on her official Instagram account with her nearly 100,000 followers, Ella is showcasing her beauty and style in the best way. She recently shared some photos featuring her flawless skin while wearing metallic, sky-blue eyeshadow as well as promotional photos and videos for Charlie's Angels.

You may see the official trailer with Ella, Naomi, and Kristen below.

In addition to the Charlie's Angel' s promos, it's apparent that Ella has a keen eye for fashion.  In a series of photos, Ella is the first to wear the Snow Panther collection that includes earrings and a necklace designed by Cartier. She was photographed in Prada and looked gorgeous.

You may see those photos that Ella shared below.

In Ella's newest photos she showcased her hair and fabulous makeup. The photos are going viral and have more than 14,000 likes. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan styled Ella's hair that was slicked back, smooth and straight. The hairstyle revealed Ella's gorgeous face and was the perfect look for her. Justine shared two photos from the shoot on her official Instagram and included a tutorial on how to get the same hairstyle in her Instagram story.

Though Ella's hair is stunning, there is no denying that it is her eye makeup that stands out.

Alan Avendano was the makeup artist who created Ella's look and he shared an additional photo of Ella with her eyes closed revealing the exquisite eye makeup she wore. The metallic, shimmery look was splendid and drew praise from other celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens.

You may see Ella's eye makeup in the post below.

What do you think of Ella's stunning look?

Are you looking forward to seeing the new Charlie's Angels when it hits theaters?

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