Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Damian Is A Hot Millionaire After Winning Inheritance Lawsuit

Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Damian Is A Hot Millionaire After Winning Inheritance Lawsuit
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Elizabeth Hurley's son, Damian Hurley is now a hot millionaire thanks to winning an inheritance lawsuit against his paternal grandfather’s estate.

Damian is the 17-year-old son of Elizabeth and business mogul Steve Bing. The Daily Mail is reporting that Bing's multi-millionaire father, Dr. Peter Bing, set up a sizeable trust for his grandchildren back in 1980. However, since Elizabeth and Steve were never married, those in charge of Peter's estate reportedly tried to cut Damian out of his inheritance.

Last March, a trustee for Peter's estate filed court documents that would bar Damian, as well as his 22-year-old half-sister Kira from receiving any money from the trust. Kira is Steve's daughter from his relationship with tennis player Lisa Bonder. Steve and Lisa were also never married, which is why Kira was brought into the lawsuit.

The Daily Mail states that the word "grandchild" was argued in court. Peter's trustee argued he had a specific definition for "grandchild," which included a child born from two married parents. A California judge saw through the line of bull quickly, and the motion was shot down in court earlier this week.

Steve also filed court papers accusing his father and sister, Mary of working together on a plan to benefit Mary's children financially but hurt Steve's. The businessman even asked a judge to penalize Mary by costing her children their entire inheritance.

In the end, Judge Daniel Juarez decided all of Peter's grandchildren would inherit the trust money he initially set aside for them. They are each expected to walk away with a few million dollars.

Damian Hurley is a millionaire, but the teenager is not going to live off his inheritance. He has a booming modeling career. The good-looking kid recently landed a major modeling gig for Pat McGrath Labs.

He has also dipped his toe into the acting world. The young man appeared on several episodes of Elizabeth Hurley's now-canceled show The Royals .

Although he is now worth millions, is a model and has some acting on his resume, his mother wants Damian to stay in school.

"I always say, you don't want to be a bore at dinner. You have to know geography. You need to know history. You need to know ancient history, it's interesting," Elizabeth shared with People magazine in 2017.

She shared with the magazine that she did not care if her son Damian purses modeling or acting. However, Elizabeth wants him to receive an education to make him a more well-rounded person.


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