Elizabeth Hurley Shows Support For Breast Cancer Research - 'But There Is A Long Way To Go'

Elizabeth Hurley Shows Support For Breast Cancer Research - 'But There Is A Long Way To Go'
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According to a report from Page Six, Elizabeth Hurley appeared at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Annual Hot Pink Party at the Park Avenue Armory two days ago, on the night of the 15th.

The Austin Powers actress took to her Twitter to say, "tonight, we are celebrating everything that BCRF has achieved, but there is, of course, a long way to go." The event reportedly raised approximately $6 million, making it very successful.

Speaking in front of the audience, the star said she immediately knew she wanted to get involved because Elizabeth lost her grandmother to breast cancer many years ago. Elizabeth claimed it was very important to her because the truth is that most women have been "touched by breast cancer in some way."

The ceremony was pink, with floral arrangements and hand towels as well as 1000 guests wearing either pink dresses or pink ties. The Grammy-nominated composer, David Foster, was there at the event, treating everyone to his music.

Some of the other people there include Katherine McPhee, Maxwell, Fernando Varela, Loren Allred, as well as Pia Toscano. Josh Groban, Elton John, and Kenny G also provided a video conference to show their support, although, unfortunately, they couldn't be there.

There was a long list of other celebrities as well, including Vera Wang, Jonathan Tisch, Amy Robach, Jill Kargman, Tommy Hilfiger, Nina Garcia, Brandon Charnas, Arielle Charnas, and Candance Bushnell. Elizabeth, like many other people out there, has faced hardship.

Last year, Elizabeth's nephew was stabbed and nearly died from excessive bleeding. Fortunately, however, the young man lived, but there were never many follow-up reports after.

On Instagram, Miles Hurley said he felt blessed to know that he would work again. It's unclear precisely what he was referring to, but it appears as though he's referring to the incident which left him severely injured in the hospital.

Reports claimed that he got into an argument and the assailant stabbed him multiple times. Around the time of the young man's break into the world of modeling, he said in an interview with Express that he was really close to his aunt, Elizabeth, and she supports him.

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