Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Toned Abs In Pic With Her Mom On Her 80th Birthday

Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Toned Abs In Pic With Her Mom On Her 80th Birthday
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Elizabeth Hurley always manages to stun no matter what she posts, proving that her beauty is timeless! That being said, this time around was no exception, the 54-year-old actress posing alongside her 80-year-old mom in an outfit that showed off her abs!

Looking at the mother, it’s obvious that Elizabeth has inherited some really great genes so there is no point in learning any ‘age-defying ways’ from the actress.

Earlier today, Elizabeth celebrated her mother’s 80th birthday while still in quarantine but that did not mean they could not have a little fun, regardless!

They made sure to take some pictures as well, the actress putting her incredible body on display in a crop top and short shorts!

The star looked in shape, her flat abdomen visible and very toned, much to the envy of many younger people!

As she was smiling brightly alongside her mother in one pic, it became apparent that she is to thank for Elizabeth’s beauty.

In the captions, she wrote: ‘Happy 80th Birthday, to my glorious Mummy,’ adding the following hashtags: ‘down birthday, stay home, best mama.’

As for the birthday girl, she was rocking a Resort Wear dress, which is part of her daughter’s beach line.

Under it, she was also wearing a black bathing suit top, which only means that the two ladies had a relaxing birthday celebration at the pool.

Fans were quick to gush over the mother and daughter duo in the comments, writing things like: ‘I have a 60-year-old aunt who looks a lot older than your mummy! lol not being mean to my aunt but your family has great genetics.’ / ‘Definitely can see where you get your natural beauty.’ / ‘You both look fabulous!’

Elizabeth Hurley often shows off what her mama gave her on her online platforms and it’s no surprise! After all, she is a beautiful and confident woman.

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