Elizabeth Banks Won't Apologize For Using A Surrogate To Have Kids, But Says She Feels 'Judged' For The Decision

Elizabeth Banks Won't Apologize For Using A Surrogate To Have Kids, But Says She Feels 'Judged' For The Decision
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Charlie’s Angels director Elizabeth Banks is the proud mom of two kids - Felix, 8, and Magnus, 7 - which were both carried and delivered by surrogate. And she says that even though she owes absolutely no one an explanation for her choices, she still feels “judged” for what she has done.

Banks opened up about her family planning choices for the November cover story of Porter magazine, and she says that women’s reproductive issues used to be something that people would whisper about in small circles. But, now women are speaking out in IVF Facebook groups and on Twitter with the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion.

The 45-year-old says that she used a surrogate because she has a “broken belly,” but she still feels judged because she didn’t carry her kids and deliver them on her own.

“I definitely think I’m still judged for what I’ve done, and that people don’t understand my choices, but I don’t feel I owe anybody any explanation,” said Banks. “If my story helps people feel less alone on their journey, then I’m grateful for that.”

Banks also shared that she is most proud of her 27-year relationship with her husband Max Handelman, who she met on her first day at college at the University of Pennsylvania. She says he has always been supportive of her career and her reproductive choices.

The Zack & Miri Make A Porno star says that she thinks people either grow together or they grow apart. Banks notes that she and Handelman definitely grew together, and they are constantly making decisions that keep them close.

One of those choices was to “combine our professional and personal goals” when he left behind his sports journalism career to help her create their production company Brownstone Productions, which has produced the Pitch Perfect trilogy, the Charlie’s Angels reboot, and the Hulu series Shrill .

Elizabeth Banks says she has a more traditional approach to marriage, and she thinks that a lot of people go into marriage thinking they will just get divorced if it doesn’t work out. But, that’s not how Banks does things. She says that there are going to be bad moments, but you committed to something. And, the question is: “Do you value it or don’t you?”

Charlie’s Angels is now playing in theaters nationwide.


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