Eliza Reign Reportedly Wants Future Jailed - Here Are All The Details!

Eliza Reign Reportedly Wants Future Jailed - Here Are All The Details!
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Eliza Reign and Future are making headlines these days due to their neverending feud. The Shade Room has all the details and you can also check them out below.

'After Future was determined to be the father of Eliza Reign ’s daughter, you would’ve thought the drama would die down but chile, it seems that was just the start,' TSR posted.

They continued and wrote that 'Eliza Reign is now reportedly asking the court to lock Future up for repeatedly failing to disclose his financial information before they head back to court for a child support hearing at the end of this month.'

Also, 'Eliza filed a motion for contempt against him because he allegedly skated by multiple court orders demanding he provide that information to Eliza’s team,' notes TSR citing her lawyer who addressed Bossip.

Someone commented: 'Y'all say she was doing too much, but he ain't doing enough, well nothing for his child n y'all ok with that!'

Another follower said: this woman made her whole life around a man who wants nothing to do with her....thats just weird how a woman can do that.'

Someone else wrote: 'Eliza the last baby mama you gotta defeat on mortal kombat.'

A follower had an important message and said: 'Some of these comments are unbelievable. It is this type of toxic mentality that sets black people back. God forbid a woman would hold one of these serial fertilizers accountable 🙄. What he should have done is propose to pay her a decent amount that feeds and clothes a child, the minute it was confirmed that he is in fact the father. And people are defending this type of behavior. We need to do better.'

One other person posted this: 'Fellas, please understand there is a legion of women out there like this. Wrap it up.'

You are probably aware of the fact that  Future and Eliza Reign  have been at each other’s throats for a really long time now.

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