Elisabeth Moss 'June Osborne' Appears To Bring The Apocalypse In New 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season Three Trailer

Elisabeth Moss 'June Osborne' Appears To Bring The Apocalypse In New 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season Three Trailer
Credit: Source: Hulu/YouTube

It's Super Bowl Sunday and that means it's time for commercials and this year did not fail to amaze. So far, one of the biggest trending ads was the Season 3 trailer of The Handmaid's Tale.  Little is known of what has happened to Gilead since June Osborne (played by award-winner Elisabeth Moss) managed to smuggle her baby out. June had a chance to escape but couldn't leave her daughter Hannah behind. There is no doubt that June is a fighter and that is what everyone loves about her. While others would jump at the chance at freedom, June needs to ensure that order is restored for the next generation and she will leave no one behind, especially not her own flesh and blood.

Well, the new trailer didn't reveal the Season 3 premiere date, but we do know it will be released sometime in 2019. Stay tuned as Hulu may leak more details in the week to come now that the focus is on the new trailer.

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Season 1 and 2 are streaming on Hulu and this is the best time to watch those if you're new to the show. The Handmaid's Tale is definitely a series best watched in order as you will undoubtedly be lost and miss the nuanced relationships between the characters should you dive in when Season 3 premieres.

Elisabeth Moss is a renowned actress and since captivating audiences, with her work on Mad Men , she has carved an indelible, lasting character with June.

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If anyone can turn a Commander into a dribbling fool ready to do her bidding, a Martha into a trusted ally, a Commander's wife into a short-lived business partner, an Aunt into a figment of her former self and an eye into a lover, it's June.

Meanwhile, June's husband will always hold her dear, but it is clear that June is truly in love with two men. How these relationships will play out in Season 3 is why people keep coming back.

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Check out the haunting trailer for The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 in the video player below.


What do you think of the trailer? Do you get the feeling that June is about to unleash an apocalyptic wrath on Gilead?


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