Eileen Davidson Has No Intention Of Officially Coming Back To The RHOBH - Here's Why!

Eileen Davidson Has No Intention Of Officially Coming Back To The RHOBH - Here's Why!
Credit: Source: soapoperadigest.com

Fans of the soap opera and reality TV star should apparently stop hoping that she will one day return to the RHOBH as a full-time cast member as that is never going to happen. One insider report also claims to know why that is!

As you may remember, Eileen Davidson joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills back in season 5 and remained part of the cast until 2018 when she finally exited the series.

However, at the time she started her career in reality TV, she was already an established actress who’d even won awards for her acting!

Since her exit, fans have been hoping that she would one day come back but as it turns out, they should not get their hopes up as she has no intention of doing so.

At least that's what one source, who is close to Eileen, tells HollywoodLife.

The insider explained that: ‘Eileen Davidson has no regrets walking away from RHOBH. She is still close with Lisa Rinna, but she is happy focusing more on directing and acting. She has always been close with Rinna and will continue to. She would not go back full time if approached. There is nothing anyone could do or say to get her to come back.’

‘She loved the opportunities it provided her, but she did not do it for the fame or paycheck. She did it because it was a different opportunity, but now she wants to focus on making more TV and movies and the show would distract her from doing so. She is not opposed to popping up here or there, but she wants to keep her distance from the show as much as possible and would not even be interested in being a friend.’

Sure enough, while she’s not interested in being a full-time member of the cast anymore, fans of the show may be aware that the woman did shoot for the upcoming season during a party from back in November.


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