Eileen Davidson Claps Back At Lisa Vanderpump For Saying She Was Fired From RHOBH - What Is The Truth?

Eileen Davidson Claps Back At Lisa Vanderpump For Saying She Was Fired From RHOBH - What Is The Truth?
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Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump have been taking shots at one another! It all started with Eileen slamming Lisa for leaving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and even skipping the season 8 reunion but LVP quickly responded by saying that at least she was not fired like she was.

‘Mmm @eileen_davidson At least I resigned, you weren’t honest about the fact that you were fired… Now that’s a p***y move as you call it,’ Lisa tweeted.

Lisa’s words came as a surprise to the public since Eileen’s exit was never confirmed to be a firing and now, Eileen is clapping back!

The former RHOBH star took to social media to make it very clear that she was NOT fired.

She even wanted to share some proof so Eileen posted a video on Twitter and wrote alongside it: ‘So @lisavanderpump and all her lovely friends! I gave this interview a year ago. Check it out around the 13:00 minute mark. Also when I left ⁦@RHOBH_⁩ bravo asked me not to discuss deets. Have a lovely day!!!’

The footage she shared with her followers was from an interview back in October during which she mentioned the reason why she exited the Bravo show after only three seasons.

According to her soap star, the producers were planning to demote her from a full member of the cast to a ‘friend of the housewives.’

No longer having the Housewife title is a big deal and so, Eileen preferred to just leave for good.

But ultimately, it was her decision and was not fired as Lisa claimed.

Besides, she said during that same interview that she was also not really planning on being on the show for that long anyway.


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  • Sandra
    Sandra Sep 21, 2019 5:43 PM PDT

    Ohhhh, let's mince words here: demoted, fired. what's the difference Whineleen!? You were not interesting enough to keep on as a regular anymore! Ylou were just a badgering wuss who they let go, couldn't stand you on the seasons you were on. And that hasn't changed, your still a cackling wannabe.. yuck! Go away, "your not important enough to hate'! Hahaha...

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