Eddie Murphy Wins Emmy Award For His Appearance On Saturday Night Live

Eddie Murphy Wins Emmy Award For His Appearance On Saturday Night Live
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Eddie Murphy has been a Hollywood legend for years, and Hot New Hip Hop says the comedian-turned-actor was just given an Emmy Award for his recent appearence on Saturday Night Live . The star acted as a guest host earlier in the year, and during his time on the show - his first in decades - Eddie recalled some of his former characters.

Hot New Hip Hop claims Eddie portrayed his iconic characters on the show, including Gumby, Mister Robinson, and Buckwheat. During his acceptance speech, Eddie Murphy thanked the institution for giving him an award.

He claimed it has been "40 years since I started Saturday Night Live ," and it was his first Emmy Award. Eddie also thanked Lorne Michaels for giving him the opportunity to appear on the show again.

While many people were thrilled to see Eddie Murphy on the show 35 years later, not everyone was happy about it, including Bill Cosby, who took offense at the joke Murphy had made at his expense. During Eddie's monologue, he threw shade at Bill Cosby for his sexual assault conviction which led to his tenure behind bars.

In case you don't know, Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy haven't gotten along in years, mostly because of the difference in their style of comedy. For instance, there is a legendary story in the comedy world of the time Cosby called him up on the phone to get him in trouble for using so much profanity.

Eddie, who has many children, said in a recent interview that if someone would've told him he would be the "boring" "dad" he is today, and Cosby would be in prison, he never would've believed it.

Murphy then mocked Cosby and asked the question, "who is America's dad now?" In response to Murphy's jokes, Andrew Wyatt, Cosby's representative, released a statement in which he said it was "sad" that Eddie used his time on the show to castigate Cosby.

Wyatt went on to accuse Eddie of selling himself as a "Hollywood slave," and also selling out other black men which would inevitably lead to their destruction in the industry.

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