Eddie Murphy Reveals He's Sitting On A Massive Catalog Of Songs He Created - He Never Stopped Making Music

Eddie Murphy Reveals He's Sitting On A Massive Catalog Of Songs He Created - He Never Stopped Making Music
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According to a report from BET.com, Eddie Murphy is still out here playing and recording music, although, he hasn't shown it to the world and likely won't do so. Reported first by Page Six, the outlet said that while promoting his latest movie, Dolemite Is My Name, the legendary comic said he has never stopped working on music.

On Krista Smith's Netflix podcast, Present Company, Eddie said to the host that in a "hundred years from now," when Eddie is long gone, people will find his music and say, "we didn't even know this guy. We had no idea."

Fans of the comedian know he had a 1985 song called "Party All The Time." According to Murphy, he has a muscle to be "funny," but he also has one for creating music. "I've never stopped doing music," the actor/comic claimed.

Murphy claims that he had to stop releasing it because the audience doesn't receive it as well as he'd like. They get "weirded out by it." While it's probable we may never get to hear what Eddie has been working on in the recording studio, he is coming back to Saturday Night Live for the first time in years and he's also returning to stand-up comedy.

In addition to working on his stand-up, Murphy also has another movie coming out soon, the sequel to his 1980s classic, Coming To America, starring himself and also Wesley Snipes among others. Leslie Jones, the SNL star, will also have a role in the movie.

Coincidentally, Jones is leaving Saturday Night Live and she won't be on the show at the time Eddie comes on. Murphy isn't the only comedian to recently come back to the stand-up art form.

In 2017, Dave released not one but 4 specials on Netflix, The Bird Revelation, Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Equaniminity, and The Age Of Spin.

Earlier this year, it was revealed Mr. Chappelle was releasing another one in 2019, Sticks and Stones, which managed to cause a backlash, especially among Wade Robson, one of Michael Jackson's accusers.

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