Ed Sheeran Sued For Plagiarism - It Cost Him $20 Million!

Ed Sheeran Sued For Plagiarism - It Cost Him $20 Million!
Source: Business Insider

Ed Sheeran is in trouble! One of his popular songs has the famous singer under fire!

In a report released by The Guardian, the 26-year-old crooner, Ed Sheeran, settled a $20 million plagiarism lawsuit for the song "Photograph" on Monday.

Judge James Selna at a California Court said the case had been dismissed after an undisclosed agreement had been reached between Martin Harrington, Thomas Leonard, and Ed Sheeran.

The Grammy-winning singer was sued by the publishing company, HaloSongs, as well as by Leonard and Harrington for copying their 2009 song "Amazing."

The song was originally performed by Matt Cardle who was the winner of the 2010 season of  The X Factor .

Richard Busch - the same attorney who represented Marvin Gaye's family during their lawsuit over the single "Blurred Lines" -  is representing the plaintiffs.

Allegedly, "Photograph" is very similar to the song "Amazing." The court documents revealed the singles are so similar to one another that there is no question copyright infringement had taken place.

Busch claimed in the reports there are similarities between the lyrics, vocal style, melody, and rhythm which point to the fact "Photograph" was most definitely a copy of the 2009 song, "Amazing."

The plaintiff's lawyer explained to NBC News that his clients are professional songwriters and their work is not only their career but their life as well. He made sure all of the details of the lawsuit were looked over meticulously.

Harrington and Leonard claimed Sheeran probably profited over $20 million, so they are seeking statutory damages as well as royalties.

According to another source, Sheeran was sued again for another song titled "Thinking Out Loud."

Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend wrote the song "Let's Get It On" in 1973, and the heirs of Townsend are suing the pop singer for copyright infringement.

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