Ed Sheeran Emerges From Hiatus To Discuss Addictions And Mental Health

Ed Sheeran Emerges From Hiatus To Discuss Addictions And Mental Health
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Ed Sheeran went into hiatus a few months back and has stayed relatively silent since. Hot New Hip Hop says the performing artist recently made an appearence again to talk about his mental health struggles as well as his battle with alcoholism.

As it was previously reported, Ed Sheeran announced he was going on hiatus in August 2019, and rumor had it that he was fighting the various stresses of the music industry, including the multiple lawsuits he had been embroiled in.

During an appearence at the Hay House Chasing The Present Summit, Ed shared what he has been dealing with. The 29-year-old said this week that he's the type of person with a "very addictive personality," and he would often stay up all night drinking.

According to Sheeran, while he was on tour to support his albums, he'd sleep on the bus, wake up, do the show, drink afterward, and then get back on the bus. He didn't see the sunshine for approximately four months.

Sheeran explained how he's the type of person who really likes to go hard. For instance, he doesn't see the point of having just one glass of wine. He'd rather have two bottles, and it's a great time at first, but the lifestyle eventually wears on you.

Sheeran went on to say that after a little while, it starts to get sad, so he had to take some time off. Fans of the singer-songwriter know he's currently married, and he claims his wife played a crucial role in getting him through dark times.

Sheeran says his wife, Cherry Seaborn , goes on runs a lot, so he likes to go with her. "She doesn't drink that much," Sheeran explained, before going on to say that her positive lifestyle habits rubbed off on him.

It changed many things for him. As it was noted above, Sheeran and his team suffered a number of lawsuits over the last few years over some of his biggest songs. Many in the industry speculated his legal battles may have had to do with his hiatus.

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