Ed Helms‘ Wife Had The Best Reaction To Demi Moore Affair Rumors

Ed Helms‘ Wife Had The Best Reaction To Demi Moore Affair Rumors
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Ed Helms wife had the best reaction to rumors he was having an affair with Demi Moore.

The actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to chat about his upcoming movie, Corporate Animals , which also stars Moore. During the interview, Helms decided to share a rather funny story with Kimmel and the live audience.

"I'm on vacation with my family and my wife's family. I get a call from my publicist, and she says. Uh, I think I know the answer to this but just double-checking, you're not in a romantic relationship with Demi Moore, are you?' And I was like, 'No, I'm happily married. I'm on vacation with my family, what are you talking about?!'" the actor explained.

After the phone call, The Hangover star began freaking out a little bit realizing he needed to let his wife know of the tabloid story. When he went to let his wife and mother know what might be coming, Helms was in for the surprise of his life.

"Before I can say anything, they go, 'Demi Moore, high five! Can you believe this tabloid thought that you and Demi Moore could be a couple? I mean that is insane! I was like, 'I'm glad nobody is upset or like threatened here but like, can't you be a little upset? This is hurting my feelings now!" he exclaimed to the host.

Yep, Helms' wife thought it extremely funny anyone would link Moore with her husband. It is truly is the best reaction a wife has ever had to a cheating allegation.

The actor keeps his family life extremely private. He never mentions his wife by name in the interview. When Kimmel asks the name of his 2-year-old daughter, Helms jokes the toddler's name is Jimmy Kimmel. It was a hilarious way to make it clear he is not divulging personal information regarding his child.

Ed Helms may not reveal personal information about his family, but he is not shy about telling stories where his wife mocks him. It is as though he has found a balance between humor and sharing, while still shielding his loved ones from the Hollywood spotlight.

The funnyman also dished about The Office and its relevancy still today thanks to Netflix, as well as reruns. However, nothing in his interview could top Helms' wife's reaction to a tabloid saying he was having an affair with Demi Moore, priceless.

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