Eco Elissa Sursara Posts Empowered Selfie To Instagram

Eco Elissa Sursara Posts Empowered Selfie To Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Ocean ambassador and wildlife advocate  Elissa Sursara  has stunned her 300,000 social media followers after posting a glowing and fresh faced empowerment selfie in honour of  Apple 's new emoji collection which features a female scientist.

Sursara, a stanch environmentalist with ties to National Geographic and Huffington Post , has long advocated for women in science and is herself a wildlife naturalist with years of experience, including a stint living and working in Antarctica to prevent illegal whaling.

She is also a media favourite in Australia, the US and the UK.

The blonde, who is originally from Australia and once falsely linked to Justin Bieber , posted the image with the caption, "There's a female scientist emoji and that's all we really need to know," followed by a notebook, specs and a microscope.

She paired the picture with a grey jumper and retro glasses. The selfie attracted thousands of likes.

Last week, the outspoken advocate and Huffington Post reporter hit back at critics of David Attenborough and the BBC in her regular column, calling criticism leveled at Attenborough for not doing enough for conservation "out of line."

The TV presenter credited Attenborough with inspiring millions of people to take an interest in the natural world and to fundraise for wildlife causes.

Sursara, a US resident, speaks regularly about social issues including the environment and gender inequality. In late 2016, she began her own grassroots environmental campaign and vowed to work harder for wildlife causes in 2017 after pursuing a masters degree.

The wildlife warrior catapult into the entertainment headlines when she was falsely linked to pop star Justin Bieber in 2014 and has previously dodged rumors she is dating Big Brother Canada winner Tim Dormer .


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