Ebro In The Morning Defends Logic - Says His Detractors Are 'Corny'

Ebro In The Morning Defends Logic - Says His Detractors Are 'Corny'
Credit: Source: Twitter.com

The rapper, Logic , has a lot of haters in the music industry, however, he clearly has a dedicated fanbase. Earlier this year, Logic announced he was going to retire from his rap career at age 30 following the birth of his first child with his wife.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from Ebro Darden today regarding the rapper's retirement and his new album that's coming out on Friday. Reportedly, Logic is coming back with a new record titled, No Pressure, and it was produced entirely by No I.D.

Fans of hip-hop know not everyone in the industry is happy about his existence, including Joe Budden, who has continuously trashed him on his podcast. Earlier this year, Joe Budden said on his program that Logic should've retired years ago.

On his Twitter account, Ebro wrote that "coming for Logic" was corny. He went on to claim anyone who wanted to trash a "nerdy dude who raps dope" was goofy.

Thus far, the reaction to the idea of Logic's retirement has been mixed, mostly because most people think it's just another marketing scheme in which a rapper comes back after two years with a "surprise album."

For instance, it wasn't all that long ago that Nicki Minaj said she was retiring as well. However, she came back with a bang when she worked with Tekashi 6ix9ine again.

The pair of artists released a new song called "TROLLZ," which went to number one but reportedly fell off the charts as quickly as it climbed them. These days, Nicki Minaj's reputation has been called into question for not only her feud with Cardi B but also her collaboration with the disgraced performer, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Logic, on the other hand, has taken heat by the hip-hop community for the way in which he proclaims his bi-racial status. Logic has a black dad and a white mother. The rapper, however, has received praise from other artists including J. Cole and Eminem.


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