Earl Sweatshirt Says That J. Cole's New Single Is 'Corny'

Earl Sweatshirt Says That J. Cole's New Single Is 'Corny'
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Earl Sweatshirt isn't a big fan of J. Cole's new song, "Snow On The Bluff." Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the song from the acclaimed rapper caused a wide range of responses from people on social media, however, thus far, the remarks appear to fall into two different camps.

On the one hand, people are saying that J. Cole's honesty is refreshing, while others have accused him of shaming people unnecessarily. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Earl Sweatshirt is one of the people who aren't happy with the artist's new song.

In a tweet you can see below, Earl explained some of his thoughts on the new track:

According to Earl Sweatshirt, J. Cole's new song is "just corny." He then went on to compare the song to a hypothetical situation in which a popular white rapper dropped a track amid the Black Lives Matter protests about how they understand the plight of black people in the USA.

Furthermore, Earl Sweatshirt claims that J. Cole is a particular type of rapper who represents a certain sub-set of people, and that's his niche.

Despite this otherwise negative news, J. Cole has had a series of wins over the last year and a half, including this past year, when Bridget Hill reported that he and his wife, Melissa Heholt, were gearing up to have another baby.

On the 5th of July, 2019, J. Cole dropped the news on his record,  Revenge Of The Dreamers III, that he and his wife were going to have another baby.

During the song, "Sacrifices," featuring EarthGang and more, J. Cole revealed the surprising news. The rapper also shouted out to his wife, Melissa, on the track. He said that his wife gave him a place to say when he needed it the most.

Fans of the couple know they've been together for years. In 2015, J. Cole and his wife got married at a time when they already had a child together, a baby boy.

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