E! Asked Joel McHale To Stop Making Kardashian Jokes On "The Soup"

E! Asked Joel McHale To Stop Making Kardashian Jokes On "The Soup"
Source: PopStar.com

Joel McHale revealed today that during his successful show's reign for 12 years on the E! network, The Soup, there was one production he couldn't make fun of: the Kardashians. Joel claimed executives from the organization reached out to him and told him to 'cool it' on the Kardashian-jokes.

At the beginning of their partnership when Ted Harbert was the president of the organization, he told Joel he could make fun of whomever he wanted and had artistic freedom to take whatever path Joel desired.

Every so often, if McHale were getting out of line, he would lay off them for a week as requested by Kris Jenner and Ted. Joel revealed that Ted would call him and request, "Hey man, Kris called, can you just lay off of her for a week?"

However, things took a turn one day when the company changed staff. The next president of the enterprise said to him that he could no longer make fun of the Kardashians, ever.

The president stated - in plain language so as to emphasize the seriousness - "don't make fun of the Kardashians."

McHale believed the production was doomed from there on because part of what made it so great was their self-awareness and willingness to self-parody. Joel compared his situation to that of David Letterman criticizing General Electric back in the 1980's.

Nonetheless, things have changed since then and McHale has moved on to different companies with more relaxed rules and guidelines on what is "appropriate" content.

In fact, on the 18th of February, Joel and Netflix launched their collaboration titled, The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale.

Fortunately for The Soup alum, nothing is off limits, because streaming services typically have an "everything-is-fair-game"-policy. Joel revealed that he's not sure if he'll continue to slam the Kardashians family though; the talk show host is more concerned with other topics du jour.


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