‘Dynasty’ Reveals Alexis Carrington Recast In Shocking Twist After Nicollette Sheridan's Sudden Exit

‘Dynasty’ Reveals Alexis Carrington Recast In Shocking Twist After Nicollette Sheridan's Sudden Exit
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The CW reboot of Dynasty has once again shocked fans with an exciting story and casting choice, this time involving the high-profile role of Alexis Carrington.

Nicolette Sheridan suddenly departed Dynasty last month. The news came not long after the show had been renewed for season 3. In her message, Sheridan expressed her appreciation for the show and network, but she needed to focus on her ill mother at this time. The statement clarified she would be leaving immediately, and fans wondered how her exit would be handled.

Since Alexis is such a pivotal role on the series, it was inevitable the character would be recast. To prepare for a new actress to take on the role, the creators had Alexis fall into a fire, thanks to her evil son Adam who is out for revenge on the Carrington family. Alexis suffered severe burns and required surgery, allowing for the recast to take over with ease.

On Friday's episode fans were finally clued into who would be playing the character. A nurse removed the bandages from Alexis' face to reveal a face that looked identical to Alexis daughter Fallon Carrington. Oh yes, in a bizarre twist of events, which is on par for The CW show, actress Elizabeth Gillies will now be playing both mother and daughter on Dynasty .

It is somewhat unusual, especially considering Gillies young age, as well as the age difference between mother and daughter but it is also very enticing. Fans are going to have to keep watching to see how it all plays out but if social media is any indication dedicated viewers are split on the twist. Some are excited, while others are simply confused as to why the powers that be are having Gillies pull double duty.

Dynasty pulled a switcheroo on a character at the beginning of season two, when the show killed off the original Cristal Flores Carrington, played by Nathalie Kelley. The show then brought on "Real Cristal" played by actress, Brenda Contreras explaining the first Cristal was a fraud. It was a different way to recast a role,

Despite being renewed for a third season, the show has struggled with sudden departures and character consistency over its two seasons. Although it is not s ratings blockbuster, ratings hold steady, and it has become a Friday night stale for The CW.

What do you think about the Alexis Carrington recast?

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