Dylan Sprouse Addresses Cheating Accusations: ‘It’s Complicated’

Dylan Sprouse Addresses Cheating Accusations: ‘It’s Complicated’
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Dylan Sprouse decided to address the rumors that he cheated on Dayna Frazer – his model girlfriend! As fans may know, the woman took to social media last week to post a crying selfie, captioning it: ‘When you find out your bf cheated on you lol.’

Dylan and Dyna, who had been dating ever since 2014, also deleted all traces of each other’s presence off of their social media platforms.

On Wednesday, Dylan released an official statement regarding the cheating accusations.

He slammed the fans who were criticizing him for it by saying that they made assumptions based on ‘limited information,’ therefore ignoring the complex nature of the problem.

According to him, not only does the truth have two different sides, but they also have their own reasons and motivations which are completely private.

He then added that despite the complicated situation he is now in with his former girlfriend, his close ones are aware of what sort of person he is.

Earlier this month, the former child star also shared the news of his return to acting.

As fans may be aware, Dylan is set to play a character in the upcoming film Carte Blanche.

His twin, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on the hit show Riverdale, took the opportunity to joke about his ‘return,’ tweeting ‘Hey can you return my f**king t-shirts too?’

While his twin is involved in a cheating scandal, Cole has been rumored to be dating his on-screen love interest Lili Reinhart in real life too!

Skeet Ulrich, who plays Jughead’s father on the show even admitted that the two have some great chemistry.

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