Dylan O'Brien Calls Girlfriend Britt Robertson A Saint For Standing By His Side After 'Maze Runner' Set Accident

Dylan O'Brien Calls Girlfriend Britt Robertson A Saint For Standing By His Side After 'Maze Runner' Set Accident
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Dylan O'Brien is speaking about his life-threatening accident and how his girlfriend Britt Robertson stood by him and supported him during the time. O'Brien spoke to People magazine and discussed his girlfriend and called her a "saint" for the way she helped him during and throughout his recovery.

Dylan and Britt met during the filming of The First Time. The couple has been together since 2011 and is going strong. The report followed news that broke earlier on Thursday morning that boyfriend The Weeknd also helped and supported girlfriend Selena Gomez during her health crisis with kidney failure and a kidney transplant.

Dylan O'Brien is preparing for his new movie American Assasin and has been making the publicity rounds. It was during one of those promotional stops that he spoke to People and the conversation turned towards his horrific accident and the support he garnered from his family and girlfriend Britt Robertson.

Dylan spoke about how quickly Britt Robertson rushed to be by his side. The accident occurred in Canada while Dylan was filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure and the severity of his injuries were first kept hidden from the public.

Since Dylan has begun speaking about the incident and the stunt that went wrong, we have learned that he nearly died.

Britt was there when Dylan first opened his eyes and he credits her love and support with helping him make it through.

Dylan also thought his acting career may have been over. His face had been badly damaged and the psychological impact of being injured on a movie set took its toll. Dylan stated he wasn't sure what the future would hold or if he would ever act again.

Fortunately for Dylan's fans, he has finished filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure . The movie is scheduled for release in 2018.

What do you think of Dylan's praise for Britt Robertson? The couple has been together for years and it seems that they are serious and committed to one another.

Though a previous Instagram post suggesting the couple was engaged turned out to be a fake post attributed to a hacker, fans want nothing more than the best for this couple

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